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Summer Camps

Summer Baseball Camps

Technique Tigers Baseball Academy is the #1 skills development baseball academy in Connecticut. Technique is seeking young players who want to have loads of fun while working on the basics of baseball. Learn how to develop all fundamentals of baseball including throwing, catching, fielding, hitting and base-running! Participants will go through five stations with a 7:1 player-coach ratio.

Come develop your skills One Fundamental at a Time”

Over the past 13 years, we have provided instruction to thousands of players from all over Connecticut. We not only teach the fundamentals of baseball, but we offer lessons on self-discipline, teamwork and respect. Coaches give guidance on the field during games to offer a greater level of teaching to the players.


Summer Sports Camps

Technique Tigers Baseball Academy is proud to offer its first multi-sport summer camp. We are seeking kids who want to have loads of fun while working on the basics of baseball, basketball and soccer while learning the importance of exercise.

Below is a sample daily schedule:

9:00-9:15AM Drop off Time/Attendance
9:15-9:45AM Dynamic Warm-up/Stretch
9:45-10:30AM Crazy Soccer Play/Ball Handling
10:30-11:00AM Snack
11:00AM-12:00PM Batting Practice & Hot Shot Fun
12:00-12:45PM Lunch & TV Time
12:45-1:00PM Chill Time/Relax
1:00-1:30PM Dynamic Warm Up/Foot Work Drills
1:30-2:15PM Throwing/Groundballs
2:15-3:00PM Controlled Recess

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

– Alexander Graham Bell