Cage Membership

Three 55′ Batting Cages

Cages will be available almost every hour of every day, except in the case of rentals or the occasional lesson. Members are permitted to rotate freely between cages but must share time with others in all cages. These cages are open for the majority of operational hours, but may be unavailable due to lessons and rentals on some occasions. These 3 cages are kept open for member/walk-in use as much as possible at all times. Consult the cage schedule with the staff at Technique Tigers Baseball Academy.

Please note that all cage time is shared time and exclusive use of a given cage is granted only via private/semi-private instruction or cage rental. Members are subject to the same regulations as walk-in guests, with the exception of paying per visit and the hour/half hour time limit.


Memberships represent a significant savings over paying the hourly walk-in fee for frequent users! A player only has to visit the facility more than a few times per month in order to save money over paying the walk-in fee.

Memberships are sold on a six month basis with payment due at signup. You may pay the entire amount in advance or in monthly installments billed to a credit card. Members may come in and use the facility at any time during regular hours of operation, with the exception of when the entire facility is rented.

Enrollment Fee: $25 (Due at Signup)
Up-Front Payment Plan: $199.00
Monthly Payment Plan: $39.99 (Equivalent of $239.94)*
Add Family Member: $125 per Player**
Special College Membership: $49 per Month***

*Monthly members are legally and contractually liable for the entire amount of their 6-month membership if they terminate early or cease paying installments.

**Family members must share the same address as primary members in order to take advantage of the add-on rate. Address verification is required at the time of membership application.

***Available to college players on winter or summer school breaks. Proof of student status is required. Please email for more details.

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Technique Tigers Baseball Academy reserves the right to revoke memberships without refund if Technique Tigers Baseball Academy rules are violated, especially in terms of excessive noise, behavior and courtesy toward other users. See membership contract for details.