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Technique Tigers Baseball Academy

Success on the field begins with preparation. Our staff spends countless hours teaching the fundamentals and TECHNIQUES that go into making a player successful at a game of failure. Our athletes take pride in our conditioning program as this is a very important component to the success that our players experience on the field. Discipline and hard work are necessary to be a good baseball player. At Technique, players understand that the discipline, commitment and hard work they put into athletics is going to carry over into everyday life and develop then into able adults, giving them the confidence to accomplish anything they set their mind to. Life lessons are learned on a daily basis with the Tigers; all players are aware of the founding rules of the Tiger program. Players must LISTEN, always give EFFORT and continue to RESPECT their teammates, opponents and the game of baseball.

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What Makes Us Different?

Player Development:  Instead of focusing solely on winning, we invest in our athletes to become the best possible players they can be.

Techniques:  We believe in proven training techniques, not fads or gimmicks like ball exit speed training, weighted pitching balls or kinetic load baseball.

Integrity:  We do not "play favorites" with friends or family like other clubs do.  Playtime and positions are earned.

Staff:  Our staff has been with us for many years; we don’t have a “revolving door” of coaches and trainers.

Motivation:  Our coaches and trainers believe in positive reinforcement, not belittling or criticizing athletes.

Respect:  Respect is earned, not assumed; regardless of individual player history.

Tiger Pride:  We take great pride in our staff, athletes and the game of baseball.


- Tim Notke


Upcoming Events

  • May
  • 25
Technique Tigers @ Ct Capitals
  • 6:00pm EDT Ical_event_icon
  • Connecticut Sportsplex # 1
  • Tag(s): 11U Tigers 
  • May
  • 26
Technique Tigers Orange @ Ct Edge
  • May
  • 27
Ct Wolfpack @ Technique Tigers